Farewell Steve Jobs

How strange that you don’t realise you have a third parent until you lose them.


Thinking about beauty

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some wonderful places in the world.

There are so many countries I am yet to see, but I’m not complaining by a long shot.

For some reason I was ruminating on “what is the most beautiful place I have been”? It’s a hard choice.

But I think I would have to vote for a lake I went to with my sister in 2001, quite by chance, when our car took a wrong turn.

This is Bled, in Slovenia. And none of the photos can really do it justice.

PS. I don’t know what to think. I just looked at the date, after posting, and realised it was 10 years ago this week.

What do puppies love?

The office recycling bin!

Maggie Moon Unit

Busy in the office.

"My work is done."

So happy together!

The front cover of a brochure sent to me in the mail.



But you will understand when you see this sign.

The Count postulated that it might be for a money exchange outlet – but no, it is for a clothes shop in downtown Sydney.

I have been in therapy since I saw it.

It’s broke.*

I broke the royal foot. Just stepping out of the carriage. No story. Ridiculous.

Royal Cankle - aaagggghhhhh

Now thankfully hidden from view

*I might watch Firefly “Out of Gas” to cheer myself up.

Courtesy of the beautiful Nursemyra, the pastry on my beef bourgignon pie was crispy perfect.

Beef bourgignon pie

with antique pie funnel from nursemyra