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No royalty was harmed during the making of this video. Much.

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Well, it had to happen. I fell off the royal wagon for 5 days, but with the help of Kingwilly and the beautiful Nursemyra (and wet ear licks from Miss April; Princewilly is of course ignoring everyone) I am keeping them doggies movin’ again.

Speaking of help, I’ve been asked to insert this graphic into a manual for a big client.

Do these things really work?

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Pet Fud

I haven’t posted much in February because work has been unbelievably busy, for both The King and Me.

AgentGibbs suggested I don’t accept as much work, but after today’s grocery bill I think I need to accept as much as possible.

The thing is, we human royals are fairly frugal (well, yes, I did buy that huge largeish block of Swiss d’Alpage cheese, but no wine!)

I think it’s time for princewilly and Miss April to contribute something to the castle accounts.


Toblerone on top for The King, though Miss April is very hopeful.

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Get a dog.

Choose the biggest brown eyes possible. Dog with hard luck background (eg. skinny and starved when rescued from pound 6 months ago even though fat and spoilt now) is good.

Make yourself a yummy grilled chicken roll with fresh vietnamese mint, avocado, cos lettuce and crunchy carrot, wrapped in soft ricepaper.

Take first bite of roll and then look into big brown eyes of dog from pound, yada yada (see above).

Give half delicious roll to dog.

Pick up shiny piece of carrot left on floor and put it back in the fridge for tomorrow.

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The Throne Room

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What Lies Beneath

Since her arrival, Miss April has gone through quite a few squeezy toys. But her latest (squeezy rooster only sold in pet stores) has been made with extra special care.

A new favourite toy

Now minus its rooster trousers


Carefully stitched

Miss April, with censored rooster

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What happens when your sister knocks you down with 6 sheets of gyprock? and then asks (after you’ve stopped screaming and hyperventilating) if you want to see the rest of her renovation…

A Royal Appendage

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No, please, don’t get up.

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