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I was feeling a little tiredĀ of my usual recipes – usually asian or french – so on the weekend I crossed the Pacific to Cuba with a can of Frijoles Negros and some juicy prawns.

Blanched sliced onion pickled in lime and mandarin juice

Black beans boiled with freshly made sazon powder

Roasted almonds

Fried garlic and eschallots

Salad ingredients combined

Prawns fried by The King with mild chilli sauce

YUM (sorry it's a bit blurry)

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I guess this is a daggy thing to do, but I can’t help myself. I love this kid’s voice. I wish I could email him a wish list of songs to perform. And it’s not just his voice. He has that je ne sais quoi.

The King is going to see Gary Numan in Sydney next Friday night. He will shake his head in despair at this post.

Noblesse oblige!

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The Royal Tool

We all know how it goes.

One person feels they are doing too much in the castle (where IS that scullery maid?) and accuses the other of slacking off.

Queenwilly: “Your Majesty, how come I do all the cooking?”

King Willy: “Hey! What about all the barbecuing I do (not to mention slaying Visigoths and taking care of the scullery maid).”

Usually this just gets a frown and annoyed shake of the royal head, but this time there was damning evidence.

Tools on the royal bbq

Close up


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Many moons ago, Reverend Anaglyph introduced us to Mahjongg.

If for nothing else, for this he has my undying gratitude.

It is the best game I have ever played.

The King and I are still virtual beginners after five years, but we have managed to acquire a little skill, and at Hardy’s Bay in a threesome with the gorgeous NurseMyra, The King blew us away with this amazing hand.

Score 726

If you don’t know what this score means…Go out! Buy a set! Learn it Now! Never look back! Whoa!

*with apologies to Wang Chung

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Well, it had to happen. I fell off the royal wagon for 5 days, but with the help of Kingwilly and the beautiful Nursemyra (and wet ear licks from Miss April; Princewilly is of course ignoring everyone) I am keeping them doggies movin’ again.

Speaking of help, I’ve been asked to insert this graphic into a manual for a big client.

Do these things really work?

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As of last night, I have been married to the most wonderful, gorgeous man in the world for five years.

He is a bit shy, so I can’t show his photo. Here is a shot of our dinner instead.

Moroccan spiced fried cauliflower with barberries and yoghurt dip

The King wanted to go out to see a band after dinner, but I wanted to lie on the couch together and watch QI.

Guess who won?

I would definitely turn gay for Stephen Fry (would that work?)

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The King and I (now there’s a phrase) have been reading through a box of Agatha Christie books which he found in the castle dungeons. I read them all when I was a young princess, and The King was mildly interested.

Well, a month later, The King has read one a day and finished the whole box.

We now refer to her quite chummily as “Agatha” (as in, “Sorry, I can’t come to the royal bedchamber, I’m busy with Agatha”) and The King is glad she was knighted, but sorry he didn’t have the chance to do it himself.

Do you have any Agathas in the basement? Do yourself a favour. Curl up with one now.

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But all is back to normal.

Thanks to Bearskin Rug for letting us play.

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The King and I occasionally enjoy a game of Scrabble.

Reverend Anaglyph just reminded me of The King’s creative offerings, which are usually accepted because the alternative is beheading.

So I found this photo from 3 years ago…

Cue spooky music….

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As you may imagine, The King doesn’t like being disturbed by my dear self while he is on his throne in the royal wing. He usually has a lot of courtiers to advise, royal decrees to pen, beheadings to order, and can be there for quite some time. So he prefersĀ the spare throne in the servant’s quarters downstairs (and there’s always the chance of a pretty scullery maid passing by).

But the castle renovation has sent him back to the royal quarters, and he is eager to open up downstairs again for business, as it were.

It’s a humid Sydney summer day with a hot breeze coming up from the south, but he is hard at work insulating the kitchen and throne room ceilings.

kitchen ceiling

Door to downstairs throne room, soldiers at attention

The Moat - the only cool place in the castle

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