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But you will understand when you see this sign.

The Count postulated that it might be for a money exchange outlet – but no, it is for a clothes shop in downtown Sydney.

I have been in therapy since I saw it.

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The Count

In my last post I mentioned my ex-husband, The Count.

I thought you might like to see what he looks like.

Here is a Halloween photo of him two weeks ago (with Queenwilly on her knees for once).

Halloween Boots

I can’t show you his face, because he has got SO sick of every girl I have ever acquainted saying, “um, you know you are my dear friend, but when you break up, can you let me know??”

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The King has a beautiful singing voice. When he sings love songs in the shower I have to lie down.

The Count (who we haven’t met before on this blog, but he is my ex-husband and really an Austrian Count!) is an amazing cartoonist, whose drawings, coupled with a wonderful sense of humour, make me cry laughing.

I despair that I have no special talent, but both The King and The Count (and other friends enduring the moaning) think they are comforting me by saying “But you are a fantastic cook! Your salted caramel ice-cream with smashed praline…your asian duck and crab rolls…your jicama and avocado salad…your 4 hour beef pot pies with truffle mash…your snail and parsley vol au vents…etc. etc. etc.”

But all I do is follow the recipe in the book.

Can’t everyone do that?

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