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Back on the wagon from today.

It’s been an indulgent two months off, but I have to keep in mind what happened when I wasn’t drinking January and February.

No liquid lunches and lost working hours, no falling asleep at 9pm, no talking too loudly at everyone, more money in my pocket…and I lost 5 kilos.

Fingers crossed.

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Protect our young!

Watching television in the throne room last night, a quick trailer for Source Code played every ad break. The film looks good (and so does Jake!) but after I had watched the advert about 6 times I realised that at the bottom was the Australian Film Classification. You know, those pesky ratings that forced you to borrow your big sister’s drivers licence when you wanted to see anything with Greta Scacchi in it.

So today off I toddled to teh intertubes to see if what I remembered was indeed true.

Yes folks, the Australian Govt has classified Source Code as Mature Audiences Only, because it has violence, coarse language and science fiction themes.

Over to you.

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I guess this is a daggy thing to do, but I can’t help myself. I love this kid’s voice. I wish I could email him a wish list of songs to perform. And it’s not just his voice. He has that je ne sais quoi.

The King is going to see Gary Numan in Sydney next Friday night. He will shake his head in despair at this post.

Noblesse oblige!

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Nearly seven years ago I art directed a website. Good, straightforward job. The team delivered a great product on deadline BUT the client went bankrupt before I was paid.

It was a heavy blow at the time (just before the royal wedding).

Today I received an unexpected cheque in the mail for the full amount PLUS interest, with an apologetic letter attached.

Seven years! There are good people in the world.

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Does anyone still write with a pencil?

Reverend Anaglyph and Violet Towne gave me a set of royal purple pencils, and I am rediscovering the joy of writing with a delightful 2B.

The feeling as it crunches into good paper is almost erotic.

...and with a luscious purple rubber on top.

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Over at TCA, the good Reverend has reminded me of my MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SPY KIT.

My parents (who gave away all my books to a girl called Jane King – but that story is almost too awful to remember, let alone blog) actually bought me one when I was about seven, after months of begging. I was amazed.

And so happy.

Does anyone have one? Even a photo of one? I can’t find any on teh intertubes and I’d love to see it again!

Barbara Bain (the most beautiful woman in the world when I was seven...maybe still)

Image found here.

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Confectioner to Production: We need packaging artwork for those pineapple things.

Production: You got it, Boss.

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This to me is very strange.

There is an article in the local Sydney rag today about a father who was so angered by the bullying behaviour that he witnessed in his children that he turned them in to the police.

He is quoted thus in the press interview:

‘‘In my house there is a saying; if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime,’’ he said.


I can remember family sayings like, “Who left the butter open on the bench for the cat to eat? And who will clean up the vomit?” and “Who has hidden Joanne’s homework? Own up now or you will have to go to Mass Saturday and Sunday” and “Who ate all the chocolate section from the Neapolitan icecream, and then tried to hide it by scraping strawberry and vanilla over it?”

But aphorisms about crime? Nada. Am I weird? or are they?

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Many moons ago, Reverend Anaglyph introduced us to Mahjongg.

If for nothing else, for this he has my undying gratitude.

It is the best game I have ever played.

The King and I are still virtual beginners after five years, but we have managed to acquire a little skill, and at Hardy’s Bay in a threesome with the gorgeous NurseMyra, The King blew us away with this amazing hand.

Score 726

If you don’t know what this score means…Go out! Buy a set! Learn it Now! Never look back! Whoa!

*with apologies to Wang Chung

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Well, it had to happen. I fell off the royal wagon for 5 days, but with the help of Kingwilly and the beautiful Nursemyra (and wet ear licks from Miss April; Princewilly is of course ignoring everyone) I am keeping them doggies movin’ again.

Speaking of help, I’ve been asked to insert this graphic into a manual for a big client.

Do these things really work?

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