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Well, about 2 months ago I was abducted by cow robots from TCA Labs.

On escape, the first thing on my mind was “Write a new Queenwilly post!” and as I was running back to the castle through the village I spotted this sign.

I had to have a brief lie down, but I assure my loyal subjects that I am now back on the battlements.

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Does anyone still write with a pencil?

Reverend Anaglyph and Violet Towne gave me a set of royal purple pencils, and I am rediscovering the joy of writing with a delightful 2B.

The feeling as it crunches into good paper is almost erotic.

...and with a luscious purple rubber on top.

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Over at TCA, the good Reverend has reminded me of my MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SPY KIT.

My parents (who gave away all my books to a girl called Jane King – but that story is almost too awful to remember, let alone blog) actually bought me one when I was about seven, after months of begging. I was amazed.

And so happy.

Does anyone have one? Even a photo of one? I can’t find any on teh intertubes and I’d love to see it again!

Barbara Bain (the most beautiful woman in the world when I was seven...maybe still)

Image found here.

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Many moons ago, Reverend Anaglyph introduced us to Mahjongg.

If for nothing else, for this he has my undying gratitude.

It is the best game I have ever played.

The King and I are still virtual beginners after five years, but we have managed to acquire a little skill, and at Hardy’s Bay in a threesome with the gorgeous NurseMyra, The King blew us away with this amazing hand.

Score 726

If you don’t know what this score means…Go out! Buy a set! Learn it Now! Never look back! Whoa!

*with apologies to Wang Chung

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The King and I occasionally enjoy a game of Scrabble.

Reverend Anaglyph just reminded me of The King’s creative offerings, which are usually accepted because the alternative is beheading.

So I found this photo from 3 years ago…

Cue spooky music….

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I won a prize!

My day started off lousily. I lost my iPhone on Monday, so The King and I have been ransacking the castle for 3 days, trying to find it. We did a better job than a tribe of Visigoths, but no cigar.

I was about to trudge down to the village to get a new one, when there was a knock at the door.

It was a courier with my prize for being a runner up in the Reverend Anaglyph’s cow¬†competition. It even included a shoo woo button and keyring!

I still have to go to the Apple store and part with some old crowns, but on my return I will have a lovely cup of prize-winner’s coffee.

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