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Just Passing Through

On the weekend, my nephew celebrated his seventh birthday. A little party with kids and their parents, lots of noise and food and fun, and PsychoMother of course.

As I was leaving to return home, PsychoMother’s parting shot was: “Oh yes, you’re always just passing through, aren’t you.”

Being from PM, this was not a positive comment in any way.

Hmmm, let me review the visit.

6.30am Sat: Struggle out of bed in freezing cold and take Miss April for a walk.

7.00am: Quickly feed Miss April and Princewilly,¬†¬†toss bag of clothes, nephew’s present and Miss April in car, start FOUR HOUR journey to sister’s house (KingWilly still cosy in royal bed in castle).

11.30am: Arrive at party, have fun, get a bit plastered. Hang out with sister and PM all day, talk late into night, go to bed.

5.00am Sunday: Woken by nephew jumping on bed, hang out with sister and PM all day.

4.00pm Sunday: Announce that I will head off home on FOUR HOUR drive, lovely weekend, thanks.

PsychoMother: You know the rest.


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Astral lunching

You may recall that my sister invited PsychoMother out for lunch on her birthday, and received this perplexing reply: “That would be lovely. Last year was so embarrassing.”

The big day was yesterday, and I’m relieved to report that PM was sweet, friendly and (for her) normal.

However, my sister flew overseas the day before the lunch.

What will PM say next year?

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so last year!

My sister sent an email inviting PsychoMother to lunch for her birthday and received this reply: “That would be lovely. Last year was so embarrassing.” What does that mean? None of us knows.

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