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Courtesy of the beautiful Nursemyra, the pastry on my beef bourgignon pie was crispy perfect.

Beef bourgignon pie

with antique pie funnel from nursemyra

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Many moons ago, Reverend Anaglyph introduced us to Mahjongg.

If for nothing else, for this he has my undying gratitude.

It is the best game I have ever played.

The King and I are still virtual beginners after five years, but we have managed to acquire a little skill, and at Hardy’s Bay in a threesome with the gorgeous NurseMyra, The King blew us away with this amazing hand.

Score 726

If you don’t know what this score means…Go out! Buy a set! Learn it Now! Never look back! Whoa!

*with apologies to Wang Chung

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Well, it had to happen. I fell off the royal wagon for 5 days, but with the help of Kingwilly and the beautiful Nursemyra (and wet ear licks from Miss April; Princewilly is of course ignoring everyone) I am keeping them doggies movin’ again.

Speaking of help, I’ve been asked to insert this graphic into a manual for a big client.

Do these things really work?

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When the beautiful NurseMyra comes to dinner, it’s time to pull out all the stops.


Dinner for four

The King cooking bacalao fritters (recipe by Jane Lawson "The Food of Spain")

Spanish chicken drummettes (recipe by Jane Lawson, ibid)

Truffled asparagus (recipe by Brent Savage "Bentley")

Pork empanadas (recipe by Queenwilly)

Garlic prawns (recipe by José Andrés "Tapas")

A perfect Sydney evening

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Duck Pie Thursday

Inspired by Nursemyra’s Cheesecake Thurday, today I present photos of last night’s dinner, Duck and Star Anise Pie.

And of course, I just followed the recipe (by Christine Manfield).

Shredded roast duck meat

Shiitake mushrooms

Fresh stock from duck carcass

Combine filling

Cover with puff pastry and bake

Dinner on a warm spring evening

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Cutting the Soup

It has been a busy weekend here in the castle. The scullery maid is away/dead/not sure, so I have had to cook all 3 days. Friday night we had crab rolls and the beautiful NurseMyra, Saturday night was fish and pernod stew for The Visigoths, and today we had strawberry pancakes for Fathers Day lunch.

So I’ve been doing an annoying amount of washing up. Particularly of chopping boards.

Here is my set of chopping boards. Each one pulls out of this neat stainless steel box.

And each one has a suggestion for what to chop on them. I guess to keep them nice and hygienic (even though we nuke the hell out of them in the dishwasher each night).

So, OK, green is for veges, red is for meat and blue is for fish. What is the white one for? Soup? But soup is made from veges and/or fish or meat. You don’t actually cut the soup. Ditto casserole.

Hot custard? Nope.

Porridge? Nope.

What is the white board for?

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T-shirt Friday


It’s t-shirt Friday at the Gimcrack.

Crediting photo this time without being told: by The King.

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