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As of last night, I have been married to the most wonderful, gorgeous man in the world for five years.

He is a bit shy, so I can’t show his photo. Here is a shot of our dinner instead.

Moroccan spiced fried cauliflower with barberries and yoghurt dip

The King wanted to go out to see a band after dinner, but I wanted to lie on the couch together and watch QI.

Guess who won?

I would definitely turn gay for Stephen Fry (would that work?)

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My best friend for over 18 years was my dog Daisy. She died last Friday.

She was known by many names.

Originally from Bangladesh, where she was a chemist, she emigrated to Australia in the early 1990s. Unable to get her degree recognised, she worked part-time at the local Indian restaurant under the nom de plume Uttock Buttock.

She undertook further study at University in Sydney and became Professor Wigglesworth. She was an expert at dog ballet, and she ran like the wind.

At various times in a long and illustrious career, she was The Dooby Of Dubai (see her floating right on by, in her castle in the sky), the Doo-Doo Bird (known laconically by The King as The Bird), and lastly, but not leastly, a Sea-faring Pigmango. They are very rare, and she was the rarest of all.

Goodbye Daisy. Till we meet again in a castle in the sky.

1st Feb 1992 - 12th March 2010

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But all is back to normal.

Thanks to Bearskin Rug for letting us play.

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