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I was feeling a little tired of my usual recipes – usually asian or french – so on the weekend I crossed the Pacific to Cuba with a can of Frijoles Negros and some juicy prawns.

Blanched sliced onion pickled in lime and mandarin juice

Black beans boiled with freshly made sazon powder

Roasted almonds

Fried garlic and eschallots

Salad ingredients combined

Prawns fried by The King with mild chilli sauce

YUM (sorry it's a bit blurry)

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Courtesy of the beautiful Nursemyra, the pastry on my beef bourgignon pie was crispy perfect.

Beef bourgignon pie

with antique pie funnel from nursemyra

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As of last night, I have been married to the most wonderful, gorgeous man in the world for five years.

He is a bit shy, so I can’t show his photo. Here is a shot of our dinner instead.

Moroccan spiced fried cauliflower with barberries and yoghurt dip

The King wanted to go out to see a band after dinner, but I wanted to lie on the couch together and watch QI.

Guess who won?

I would definitely turn gay for Stephen Fry (would that work?)

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What is it like to live in Sydney?

Well, if you are Queenwilly, it is a lunchtime swim in front of one of the best views in the world at MacCallum sea water pool, followed by an icy cold mango mousse back in the castle.

Back of royal head

Mango Mice

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Get a dog.

Choose the biggest brown eyes possible. Dog with hard luck background (eg. skinny and starved when rescued from pound 6 months ago even though fat and spoilt now) is good.

Make yourself a yummy grilled chicken roll with fresh vietnamese mint, avocado, cos lettuce and crunchy carrot, wrapped in soft ricepaper.

Take first bite of roll and then look into big brown eyes of dog from pound, yada yada (see above).

Give half delicious roll to dog.

Pick up shiny piece of carrot left on floor and put it back in the fridge for tomorrow.

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When the beautiful NurseMyra comes to dinner, it’s time to pull out all the stops.


Dinner for four

The King cooking bacalao fritters (recipe by Jane Lawson "The Food of Spain")

Spanish chicken drummettes (recipe by Jane Lawson, ibid)

Truffled asparagus (recipe by Brent Savage "Bentley")

Pork empanadas (recipe by Queenwilly)

Garlic prawns (recipe by José Andrés "Tapas")

A perfect Sydney evening

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Spring roll Thursday

Sorry. A bit late. But still delicious.

Prawns, vietnamese mint and herbs, corn and wrappers

Pork frying in vietnamese chili caramel sauce

Finely chop cooked pork

Combine ingredients

Serve with salad on a hot summer evening

Pork recipe from “Little Vietnam” by Nhut Nuynh

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My darling neighbour AgentGibbs (she of the roadkill gift-giving) is back in Connecticut at her Mom’s for Thanksgiving. So for the first time in 5 years we won’t be wandering over to the next castle to eat an unbelievably gorgeous, enormous, hot HOT lunch with roast veges and turkey and pumpkin pie at the beginning of summer.

So today we are having roast vegetable salad à la hot-November-in-Oz-style. The King and I will enjoy it and toast each other in the spirit of tolerance, neighbourliness and peace on earth to all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Heirloom tomatoes, salad leaves, chickpeas, french lentils and pine nuts

with roast potato and parsnip, avocado and dressing

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Duck Pie Thursday

Inspired by Nursemyra’s Cheesecake Thurday, today I present photos of last night’s dinner, Duck and Star Anise Pie.

And of course, I just followed the recipe (by Christine Manfield).

Shredded roast duck meat

Shiitake mushrooms

Fresh stock from duck carcass

Combine filling

Cover with puff pastry and bake

Dinner on a warm spring evening

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